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Undefeated State Cricket Champions!

15181171 1960023874228480 9127321430616997646 nOn Wednesday 30th November our year 7 girl’s cricket team headed to the mighty MCG to compete in the State Cricket Grand Final against Lilydale High School. The students earned their spot in the final by winning the local and regional carnivals, both times undefeated.

The girls trained 3 times a week in the lead up to the event and their preparation showed with an excellent display of skills. Each member did their part for the team and the girls all encouraged each other and backed each other up.

Captain Courtney won the toss and elected to bat first. Courtney and Charli had a solid first partnership against 2 very good bowlers from Lilydale. The highlight being a big hit from Charli which resulted in 12 runs as it cleared the boundary on the full in the double points zone (in super 8 cricket any shot that passes the bowlers end of the wicket scores double points).

Kelsea and Casey were the next pair to bat. They rotated the strike well and used their ‘free hit opportunities’ to compile a great total.

Erin and Bree ran really well between the wickets and put lots of pressure on the Lilydale fielders.

Megan and Hayley finished off a solid innings for Echuca scoring a 4 off the last ball. A fabulous batting performance by all, resulting in a total of 107 runs!

Courtney opened the bowling and started with a beautiful ball that just missed the stumps. The opposition connected with one of Courtney’s fast paced balls which saw it fly away for 6, but otherwise it was a stellar opening over, which set the tone for the rest of the innings.

Charli and Kelsea both bowled a wonderful line with Charli only being hit for 3 and Kelsea for just 1 run!

Casey bowled well, but the opposition managed to connect with a few which gave them some hope… and then Erin and Bree come on to bowl! Erin was on target with one wide being the only blemish to her over and Bree bowled a wicket maiden! Things were looking good!

Hayley and Megan were fabulous in bowling the last overs, with Megan bowling a double wicket maiden with one of her wickets being on the last ball of the innings! What a way to finish!

Final score 107 to 58. Congratulations girls!

A big thank you to Goulburn Murray Cricket for their support and sponsorship, which brought the initial round of competition to Echuca and then enabled us to transport the team plus a number of other students to the game and also to visit the VIS and tour the MCG and National Sports Museum. Thank you to Cricket Victoria for running the event and to the parents and students that came to watch. A great day had by all!

2016 Anglesea Camp

15095648 1952913644939503 3039259918066810378 nTuesday morning the buses were loaded with tents, swags and sleeping bags and headed off to Anglesea. The bus trip was long but without phones and social media it gave the 60 year 8 students a chance to get to know each other and enjoy the trip. On arrival to camp the tents were set up quickly and it was off to the first activities. The afternoon was spent canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and snorkelling. The snorkelling at Pt. Roadknight was great with a variety of fish being seen and a few large stingrays. The students also got a chance to test out their body surfing skills in some of the small waves breaking near the rock pools. Stand up paddle boarding was mastered amazingly quickly by the students and they explored the inlet of the Anglesea River with ease and learnt a lot about the diverse ecosystems thanks to our guides from ecologic.

On the Wednesday morning one group was at the Anglesea main beach learning to surf while the rest of the groups went to see how the real surfers do it at the famous Bells Beach. The waves had a bit of size and were a lot of fun and just about everyone managed to stand up and ride a wave. Some of the boys looked like they had been doing it all their lives with Ben Dixon, Mason Coote and Jacob Russell riding them all the way into the beach. There was some great spills including Mr. Sanders crashing out on a big wave trying to bite off more than he could chew. The afternoon was spent doing a rock pool ramble where some students saw a huge octopus attacking a massive crab. The ecologic staff again did a great job educating about the tidal system and the animals that live in the ever changing environment.

15055870 1953233208240880 655939711123241211 nThursday was a bus trip to the Otway Fly and spent high amongst the tree tops. The zipline course was a highlight as students whizzed between the trees strapped into their harness. The zipline was at times 20metres above the ground and as long as 120metres from tree to tree. A great way to see the only rainforest in Victoria. On returning to camp those that weren’t too tired went for a sunset walk along the beach and grabbed an ice-cream to cap off a great day.

The final day saw the second groups get to do their surfing in fun little waves and again the skills shown were excellent especially for students from the country. By the time everything was packed up and ready to go on the bus everyone was exhausted. The trip home was a lot quieter than the trip down and more than a few including staff had a quick nap. Arriving safely home was great to sleep in our own comfy beds.

Vale Mr Spizz


It is with great regret that I have to inform the College community of the passing of Mr. Tony Spizzica, our much loved Music Teacher and good friend.
Tony joined the College in 2010 as part of a ‘Career Change’ program and worked his first year teaching instrumental music and became part of the VET Music team.

Tony’s music resume was very extensive before and after arriving at the College. His most famous bands were Tony and ‘The Mockbells’ and ‘The Caberettos’ where Tony played the bass amongst other instruments. At school his passion for music was evident and reflected in the programs he encouraged his student to get involved in.

The VET students always performed at the VET Awards evening and participated in the Echuca ‘Winter Blues’ festival each year. He played a key role in the College talent nights supporting acts on guitar and setting up sound with Barry Jones for the College production. If there was a performance or a show Tony was never far away. Tony also ran extension studies for Years Seven and Eight students in music plus his individual instrumental music lessons for our students in a range of instruments.

Tony’s family are proud of his achievements as a teacher and musician and his passion for his music was only second to his passion and love of his family. Tony passed away at home with his family around him, just as he had wanted. His courage in the face of his illness was incredible and this was best described in a newspaper article written about him earlier in the year where a member of the ‘Mockbells’ and mate stated…’It’s amazing how he has kept going with the drugs knocking him around. He just wants to do as much as can for as long as he can.’

Tony never asked for much in life but he gave everything and loved what he was doing. The world has been a better place because of Tony and his passion for music. Although we know the music will never stop; for those of us who knew Tony it is a little like the last line of ‘American Pie’… ‘the day the music died.’

All the staff and students of our College will miss Mr. Spizz and we extend our condolences to Viv and her family.

Chris Eeles
Principal Echuca College